Warm Words:


"My family and friends were the ones who recommended Carrie for me, as I did not realize how stressed I was. I was not sleeping through the night, constantly on edge and my outlook on many things was negative. Carrie was professional and kind, talking me through my symptoms and how to best consume the tea each day. Not only was the tea beautiful and feminine, its smell and taste quickly became something I looked forward to. Within a week, I began sleeping better and actually enjoying my days, instead of the stress haze. I would fully recommend Carrie as a professional. She is an intentional, creative, and intelligent individual to turn to for any variety of needs. Without her, I do not believe I would have enjoyed the season I was into the fullest." 


"Carrie welcomed me with open arms as I was going through a dark time in my life. Her practice is intuitive, mindful and rooted in observation. I always felt truly seen and heard in our sessions, where I was treated with respect and guided to a deeper understanding of my journey. Every session, I left with a sense of hope for progress and clarity on the herbs' purposes and proper administering instructions. I experienced shifts in my physical, mental and emotional health that have led me to a sense of wellbeing and improved self-worth. I am beyond grateful for the intentional energy and grace that Carrie brought to our time together. It was obvious that she deeply cares for her clients and practice as a life purpose, not just a career. I would highly recommend her practice to anyone seeking guidance with their health on all levels."                                                           -Lou

"Carrie is an outstanding herbalist! I’ve used her Skin Loving Body Butter, and it’s fabulous! Smells yummy and works like a charm. But where Carrie really shined was right before my daughter’s wedding! And she pretty much saved the day!!! Two weeks before the ceremony I came down with a sore throat and laryngitis! Really, I felt pretty good, I just sounded terrible. That wouldn’t have been a big deal but I was singing for my child's wedding. I’m a professional actor/singer and knew this wasn’t good. I panicked!!! I reached out to Carrie, told her my problem, and asked for help. She immediately knew what to do and created this amazing, calming, soothing tea. Not only did my throat feel so much better and fast, but she also added some other herbs to help this Mother of the Bride feel calm and that was an extra bonus!!!! I was able to sing for my baby, and that was wonderful! I will be sending all of my friends in the theatre world to her for help! Carrie is a kind and gentle soul. She listens to you, is sympathetic to your problem, she creates amazing products and is so knowledgeable. I wouldn't use anyone else."   


"I had visited a number of different conventional practitioners when I finally reached out to Carrie for help. I was suffering from brain fog, fatigue, sleep, alignment issues, as well as neurological problems. I was getting frustrated that I didn't seem to be getting better no matter how many doctors I went to see. Each drug was prescribed to me with confidence that it would help but with no positive results. 

What attracted me to Carrie, at Mountain Moon Medicine, was the possibility that I could find a safe and more natural way to start addressing my concerns.  My appointment with Carrie was very thorough, and I was able to bring up all aspects of my conditions.  Carrie listened and inquired about all the lifestyle choices, foods, and possible drug interactions that might be contributing to my condition.  Unlike my other care providers, Carrie did not promise a “one size fits all” solution but instead a customized plan that intended to heal and change things that could have negative implications on my health.  After our initial appointment, Carrie put together a comprehensive plan to start to narrow down all the possibilities. She also provided me with a detailed workup of my current medications to present to my Primary Care Provider. 

Carrie followed up on my progress weekly by email which allowed me to address my concerns.  I followed a diet that would allow me to peel back each layer to see if there was something that didn't agree with my physiology.  As a result, I was able to come off of my blood pressure medication with the blessing of my Primary Care Provider.  I was maintaining a healthier weight and I had the best gut health of my adult life.  I highly recommend Carrie’s comprehensive process to anyone looking for a more natural, all-encompassing path.  I’m still on my path and better for reaching out to her practice."

     - Tyler

"I am 56 years old and on the tail end of menopause.  I had been struggling for years with menopause symptoms (night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, irritability, etc) and traditional western medicine offered me two alternatives; a hysterectomy or hormone replacement therapy.  I wasn't interested in either option.  After some additional research, I discovered Carrie and my world has completely CHANGED!  Carrie and her herbs are lifesavers.  I can get a good, full night's sleep (I mean a restful restorative sleep), I have NO HOT FLASHES at all, my mood swings are gone and I am happy with my husband again.  The changes have been dramatic and all I do is brew and drink herbal tea each day. 

Carrie is a warm, caring young woman with a keen mind and a soft heart.  It has been lovely getting to know her and to feel so cared for during this difficult phase of my life.  I cannot recommend her enough."


"I started seeing Carrie for various health issues in January of 2020. I initially went to her because I was suffering from urinary problems. It only took two weeks and lots of yummy tea (medicine) to help eliminate my issue. I then saw her again for issues I’d been suffering from for a long time. Carrie helped me soothe my digestive issues and help regulate my hormones/ menstrual cycle. Lots of tea, and a few tinctures later I felt better than I had in years. Our last appointment together was in May 2020 and I felt amazing! On my first appointment, she asked me to rate my overall health on a scale from one to ten. She then asked me the same thing at our last appointment. I said 4 the first appointment and 7-8 the last appointment. Carrie is so knowledgeable and compassionate. She helps you heal every aspect of yourself from your physical body to your emotional body. Carrie is the best at what she does!" 

"Seeing Carrie as a practitioner has been healing in every way.  Her gentle spirit made it easy to open up about all of my health concerns, including life factors, past and present that affect my health.  Her deep knowledge of herbs, nutrition, and supplements has allowed me to significantly decrease my use of OTC medicines.  I also love her reverence and respect for nature and the earth.  I have to add that I just love the packaging of her products!  Receiving them in the mail is like getting a present." -Kristi