Plant lover

In order to heal, we must listen to the body.


What is Clinical Herbalism?

Herbalism is a primary and holistic medicine practice that uses and studies plants in a medicinal and therapeutic manner.


The use of food and plants as medicine has been around for thousands of years. The tradition of Vitalist Herbalism works with these basic principles to support the vital force within. 

Carrie Calvin is a Vitalist Herbalist. She is trained in Western Herbalism, phytochemistry,  pharmacognosy, as well as physiology and how medicinal plants promote health and balance in the body. 


Carrie's mission is to support the body’s innate ability to assist in fighting off illness and disease.

She believes that health and wellness start with an understanding of our bodies. Carrie gives the client seeking holistic medicine the tools, education, and awareness to feel empowered about their own health.